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Beach Monitoring Reports
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We can provide:

  • spread sheets of all data

  • photos for each monthly measurement.


April 2013 Report

Date: Sunday, 07 April 2013

Monitoring Team: 

Analysis & Report: David Bills-Thompson, PFCG Technical Officer and Data Co-ordinator


Commentary: This is the first formal beach monitoring report and provided interesting results. 

The most interesting and mystifying result is a continuation of the trend at pole 8 that we saw at our last meeting. The latest results show sand further reducing at pole 8 but increasing at the lower numbered poles.

Does anyone remember a slight rise (only 2" as the graph scale exaggerates the beach gradient) in the sand level in front of pole 8? 

If we spot a situation like this, it would be helpful to have a couple of extra height measurements around the feature just to rule out the possibility of a miss read.

Note that poles 1,2, and 3 were installed 16/3/13, so no data was available from the field trip on 3/03/13.

I have not yet done any analysis of the dune toe data but I notice in some photographs, there are two toes and a very pronounced change of gradient of the dune face.






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