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Chairman’s report 2023

It is with mixed emotions that after serving ten and a half years I have decide not to seek re-election as Chairman of the PFCG. I know the timing is right to have a fresh face at the helm.

On looking back over the time, it is interesting to see how things have slowly evolved. We started as a small group of concerned, naïve beach monitoring individuals who formed as a response to a community meeting following a significant storm resulting in beach erosion. After a couple of false starts we developed, with Moyne Shire Council input, a system that was robust, accurate and reasonably quick which later served as a model for other groups along the Victorian coast. We were the first in Victoria to undertake beach monitoring. On looking back, it is interesting to note what a persistent, tightknit community group we were, on the beach often during inclement weather, followed by that obligatory morning coffee and social chat.

Our core group has been remarkably stable over the years. We still have a number of the original group as active members. Jenny Young, Max Holmes, Ian Powell, myself and our linchpin David Bills-Thompson were there at the table in early 2013 and my thanks go to them for bringing us to where we are today. It’s nice to see that we have been able to attract a number of new members during the last 12 months.

Change is inevitable and necessary. Our association with Deakin University, apart from being a measure of the quality of our work has been interesting, and challenging but there is a risk of technology isolating and inhibiting some members from participating. I know Dr Blake Allan has been very aware of this and has gone to a lot of trouble to keep the group up to date, informed and involved. Endeavouring to secure our own drone is a good example of this. Natasha Norton’s contribution managing design modifications and updating the website has been a great asset to our organisation. The website is often the first port of call to who we are and what we do.

I am happy to say that our involvement with the Port Fairy primary schools is rejuvenating after it was curtailed following the covid interruption. Peter Sanderson has expressed an interest in liaising with the schools and being an active participant.

In conclusion. Thanks for being on board. It has been a great ride and I will continue to be an active participant.

Nick Abbott.

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