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Beach Monitoring Reports
August 2013 Report

Date: 11 August 2013

Monitoring Team: Max, Nick, Jenny, Mark & Ian 

Analysis & Report: David Bills-Thompson, PFCG Technical Officer and Data Co-ordinator


Comments: This was a milestone period as we changed to using measuring heights relative to the Australian Height Datum (AHD).


The spreadsheet now measures all heights relative to the AHD which is known for all ten posts. These changes affect all profile charts and the Sand Height Chart.

Plotting the Sand Height relative to AHD now reveals a possible reason for the extra activity around posts 7 and 8.

Dune crest results are currently not available for August.

More information


Please contact us if you would like more detailed information.


We can provide:

  • spread sheets of all data

  • photos for each monthly measurement.


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