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Beach Monitoring Reports
January 2015 Report
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Date: Sunday 4 January 2015

Monitoring Team: Mark, Kevin & Bob

Analysis & Report: David Bills-Thompson, PFCG Technical Officer and Data Co-ordinator


Commentary: While having worked through the results several times it seems there are no outstanding results this month and most of the beach has gained sand height.


Posts 1 and 11 lost 50 and 35 mm respectively from last month but are still trending up, while posts 7 and 8 had no change in sand height. Gains in height at all other posts were  between 10 and 67 mm as per the Sand Height table.

The 15 metre Sand Height table reflects the profile bump visible in many of the post profiles. Post 4 is an example. Note the mid month reading at post 4 revealed a sand gain in the first half of the month and an almost equal loss in the second half of the month.


This fact seems to confirm there is more sand movement happening during the month than monthly measurements are revealing. If you look only at the monthly results, you would say that the profile was stable but the extra mid month reading clearly shows there has been a gain and  a loss of sand at post 4.

I am not suggesting we measure more often but I think we need to be aware that we are not capturing all events occurring during the month.  (To be statistically valid, beach profiles would need to be measured at least every fourth low tide which is not possible)

This year I have removed the 6metre point from the Post 3 profile as it has not been measured since 2/06/13.







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