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Beach Monitoring Reports
September 2013 Report

Date: Sunday,1 September 2013

Monitoring Team: Mark, Max & Ian 

Analysis & Report: David Bills-Thompson, PFCG Technical Officer and Data Co-ordinator


Comments: Sand height and beach profiles were measured on 1st September. Pole images were taken on 2nd September due to a faulty memory card in the camera on 1/09.

The results continue the trends shown in previous months. The beach profile at post 7 shows an interesting build up of sand in the high tide shallow water area, as does post 2.
I have added three new charts, two of which show the cyclic nature of the due toe distance at the active posts.

The monitoring team reported visible waste at a point 84 m north of post 8 and road base is now visible at a point 67 m south of post 8, both of which are at the general waste site. Hard waste was also found on the beach adjacent to the DEPI site 90 m north of post 5. More hard waste release from the dune at this location is imminent. 

Post 9 should also now be a point of interest because of its consistent lack of activity, both in sand height and toe variation while being adjacent to the most active part of the beach.

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