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Beach Monitoring Reports
November 2022 Report
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Date: Friday, 11 November 2022

Monitoring Team: Blake, Peter, Nick, Pat

Analysis & Report: David Bills-Thompson, PFCG Technical Officer and Data Co-ordinator


Commentary: A Full Crescent drone mapping of East Beach was conducted on 11th November 2022. Commencing at 7AM and completed after 1PM due to several rain delays and the length of the beach.

Trials of DELWP's new RTK GPS intended for use as spot validation checks on drone mapping also looks feasible as a replacement for our old faithful but aging laser level.
Results from the GPS are currently not to hand but I will report on the results when available.

I have also included the temporary data sheet used to transcribe the profile data from Propeller Aero for display in the spreadsheet because it shows that sand elevation is highest between posts 4 - 9. This high sand level holds back the swash zone, consequently there are more measurements available at these posts. This result is confirmed in the corresponding profile charts.

Some aspects of the validation process we use are still under investigation as the results vary from excellent to very poor and its not clear why the poor results are so bad. In the past, poor results have been attributed to the "dry" posts having steep slopes and foliage. Post 5 contradicts this theory although the manual measurement at post 5 was at an area that would be most accurately read by Propeller near the post rather than the sand height at the post. Rather than delay publication, the profiles from the drone mapping are attached "as is".

The photo below is a rendered image from the drone. It shows the launch position at post 3 (the red tear drop), the two Ground Control Points (targets) the launch pad, the drone box and a check circle drawn in the sand around one of the RTK GPS check points. Over 80 of these check points were measured and the results will be compared to the calculations by Propeller when available.

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