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Beach Monitoring Reports
August 2015 Report
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Date: Sunday 2, August 2015

Monitoring Team: Nick, Julie & Ian

Analysis & Report:  


Sand heights at the river end of East Beach are at their lowest level since profiling commenced. This is also obvious from the lack of dry sand from Post 1 to past Ritchie Street.


This relatively high water should not be confused with "sea level rise" as it is low sand levels and the water moving in to fill the space.

I recommend that all the Profile Charts in the spread sheet be viewed. Sand height at the post alone does not show the more intense activity in the foreshore area around the bay.


Several charts highlight the effectiveness of the WEDs in maintaining sand in the back shore area including "Post 8 Transverse Beach Profile 0815.pdf"

Two charts have been combined in "Beach Profiles 0815.pdf" and show the best summary of the sand position all along the beach and at the Post, 15m and 30m distances.

The seasonal variations in sand height are showing consistent patterns in the sand height tables and next month is expected to show more sand height increases.






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