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Beach Monitoring Reports
September 2015 Report
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Date: Sunday 30, August 2015

Monitoring Team: Ian, Richard and Kevin  

Analysis & Report:  


Due to wave height and tide status, conditions were not suitable for meaningful profiling and could also place the ATV at some risk, it was decided to only measure sand height at the posts and dune toes where applicable.

Later, the Technical Officer and Beach Monitoring Coordinator returned to post 11 on foot and conducted a full beach profile. At this time, the tide was estimated to be 0.8m limiting the foreshore distance to about 15m.

Sand height results continue to show increases in all but 3 posts with post 6 having no change and only a minor loss at post 5. The loss at post 11 (120mm) fits the pattern for this time of year.

The Profile for post 11 shows a considerable loss of sand in the foreshore area but only a minor loss at the post. The Monitoring Team pointed out that a Burm (Step in the sand) of about 30cm in height had formed a few metres in front of the post. Note the smooth curve between the post and 5m measurement on the chart does not reflect the sudden change in sand height at this point. The presence of the Burm indicates that significant wave action had not reached the post. Again this is a typical performance for this relatively high part of the beach although the lower parts of the foreshore have obviously been subjected to severe wave erosion.

High and low tide levels have been added to the post 11 profile.

The strongest winds for the period were predominantly from the South West and varying between South East and North West. Wind speeds on the charts are now shown in Kilometres per hour.

This month also changed the way we measure sand height at the post. Post height measurements are now done with the laser staff instead of a tape measure. The spreadsheet input factors have changed to allow for measurements in cm instead of mm. The display of sand heights and chart units remains unchanged.

Three new tabs have been added to the spreadsheet (available by contacting us) and contain the current Beach Monitoring Data Collection sheet masters.


A new data collection sheet has been added to cover posts 7.5 and 8.5. Normally, only 3 profiles will be taken at the WEDs but up to 9 profiles will be able to be measured to cover virtually the whole length behind the WEDs and just beyond each end.






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