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PFCG Position Statement

The PFCG Committee released this position statement, in response to media interest about our views concerning an impending demonstration that was advocating the removal of the entire waste tip site, the cost of which was estimated to be $30 million dollars.

"The Port Fairy Coastal Group, as a community group has been monitoring East Beach erosion for about three years which involves taking detailed measurements at 12 GPS sited posts along the beach. Results are collated and passed on to Moyne Shire Council (and any other interested party), which has helped contribute to their management planning of the dune and tip sites.

PFCG support the work that is currently being done by MSC in restoring the dune in front of the old tip site and repair and extension of the rock wall that is protecting the tip. We believe this is a pragmatic approach to a difficult problem. Our group will continue to monitor the beach and this area in particular, to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of wall.

Time will tell if a different approach is required in the future."

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