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Racehorses on the beach - have your say

Parks Victoria has released the Belfast Coastal Reserve Draft Management Plan for community review and feedback. You have until Friday 16 March, 2018 to have your say.

The report is certainly comprehensive, running to 112 pages covering Cultural landscape and living heritage, the enviornment and recreational use. The latter also covers the training of race horses on the beach. The map below, from the final page of the report shows the two main zones which are the east end of East Beach (Golfies) where limited training is already happening and an exstensive zone between Hoons Hill and Levys Beach in Warrnambool.

Killarney has training for small numbers of horses 'to provide local trainers that have historically used the reserve.' The actual numbers involved are not defined for Killarney, for East Beach it's a maximum of 50 horses per day December 1st to March 1st and a maximum of 20 horses per day March 2nd to November 30th. - Page 64 of the report.

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